Management consulting

logistiqueInnovation and reactivity are two catchwords for companies in the food processing industry (manufacturers, dealers, wholesale market…) evolving in an unsettled environment on the supply side (fluctuation in agricultural prices, raw materials availability…) and on the market side (food spending as an adjustment variable, export opportunities…). For economic decision-makers, choices as regards investments and rationalization of the production tool are decisive in view of an ever stronger pressure on margins.

BLEZAT consulting supports you to define your best development strategy to optimize an industrial tool (audit), to design new tools (market research, advisability study, business plan, pre-planning), or open up new markets. We intervene from the study to the coaching to help you set up what we recommend.

Featured projects

  • Strategy and decision support
  • Market research
  • Feasibility study
  • Audit
  • Support – coaching

Assignments achieved

  • Export market research for a meat company and country target for canvassing
  • Strategic analysis to widen the client portfolio of a semi-public company providing real estate solutions to actors of the food processing industry
  • Feasibility study for a granulation unit from a forest and agricultural biomass blending for a cooperative
  • Study to find new distribution channels for a wine producer
  • Audit of industrial sites for the redevelopment of a food company

Tools and methods

  • Financial analysis
  • Market research
  • Organize working parties
  • Active monitoring



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