Assessment and audit

Today several public actors –due to statutory requirement or efficiency concern for public competitive examinations- have to assess their policy or audit their structure at the national, regional and district level.

We are here to bring an outside, objective and independent look towards a meticulous task always taking into account initial objectives, how the environment changes and what emerges on the field. Thanks to an appraisal and relying on past experiences we assess the situation to improve a policy or an action. Our knowledge of policies or organizations assessed enable us to enhance recommendations linked to practical experience.

Featured project

  • Public policy evaluation (European, national or local)
  • Action plan evaluation for organizations financed by public actors
  • Organizational audit and site diagnosis

Assignments achieved

  • Implementation and development prospect report for a support system on organic agriculture
  • Project owner assistance for an assessment about agricultural and food processing support policy for an area
  • Expertise about the reasons for the failure of a pole of excellence on rural wood
  • Midway assessment for 2 measures about the French Rural Development Programme over an area
  • Audit of experimental stations to plan a connection
  • Promotion programme assessment for agricultural products and foodstuffs

Tools and methods

  • Assessment framework
  • Impact Flow Diagram
  • Objective tree and action plan
  • Indicators of assessment follow-up (achievements, results, impacts)
  • Sociogram



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