Economic projects

Marché de producteursWhen a project emerges over an area or to support a specific field first its appropriateness and feasibility are considered before involving any local government.

We manage to bring you a tailored advice. We deal with various situations: related to an area (consumption or catchment area, competition,…) or take into account global trends (national study, comparative case study,…). We provide the project owner with concrete and transparent answers to his questioning along with strategic recommendations.

Featured projects

  • Advisability and feasibility study of projects (platform, collective transformation tools …)
  • Market research, competitive analysis and consumption potential
  • Business Plan
  • Recommendations related to the technical, economic, legal and financial setup

Assignments achieved

  • Possibility to set up a Collective Point of Sale in a touristic sector
  • Feasibility of a local logistic platform for food assistance
  • Carry out a business plan for an abattoir
  • Possibility and feasibility of a collective unit milk processing plant to market local products in hypermarkets or supermarkets
  • Possibility to set up a vegetable processing plant to promote local supplying for institutional catering

Tools and methods

  • Consumer survey
  • Market research
  • Comparative case study
  • Balance analysis between supply and demand
  • Investments pre-planning and definition (with the help from a specialized research consultancy)
  • Business plan



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