Strategy and decision support, programmes of action

serresIn an ever-changing world, the strategy of actors from a field of activity and the intervention of public authorities should be frequently questioned. Future decisions are striving to get the best leverage possible to solve past, current and future issues.

Any strategy should first rely on a targeted and thorough diagnosis. Our ability to stand back, our expertise and analysis of diagnostic elements should ensure to present strategic orientations. Then the strategy -such as the action plan- needs to be jointly built with decision-makers, those implementing the project and partners. Our contribution should facilitate and speed up the decision process.

Featured projects

  • Strategy and intervention policy for authorities (setting up an agriculture project, local sourcing…)
  • Field strategy
  • Operational plan
  • Prospective analysis (CAP, field of activity, areas)
  • Devising decision support tools

Assignments achieved

  • Project owner assistance to build a strategic guidance and an action plan for a contingency plan on the agricultural real estate for a regional council
  • Organizing actors of the field industry to make strategies and actions emerge in the bovine field on the Massif Central scale
  • Prospective analysis of agriculture for a region over 15 years
  • Answering strategy to CAP development
  • Defining a recovery plan for a field of activity in trouble

Tools and methods

  • Economic diagnosis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Prospective scenarios
  • Feedback and benchmark relying on European partners
  • Impact Flow Diagram
  • Draw up action cards
  • Planned organization of meetings and working parties / meeting and agent group participative organization



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