Territorial projects

VUEAERIENNEThe extent and the role of everyone has evolved, elected representatives must define territorial projects often complex to develop and manage. Thanks to the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” and the Agriculture Modernization Act of 2010 rural areas are better taken into account as regards urban policy and real estate management. In the meantime societal expectations have emerged concerning local, quality food, and living environment.

Territorial projects give to local actors – public or private- the opportunity to work together, to put forward some strategic development paths, to formalize concrete projects, to see to the coherence between action scales and areas, to follow and assess achievements, results and impacts.

Experts on the agricultural world and on rural society we support decision-makers and their technical advisors. We analyze to understand what is at stake and suggest some relevant intervention strategies. We act in consultation with every stakeholder.

Featured projects

  • Diagnosis and strategy for local economic development (eco-activity, agriculture / forest, tourism)
  • Agricultural and forest constituents of planning documents (Territorial Cohesion Plan, Local Planning Scheme…)
  • Protect agricultural real estate and develop rural areas
  • Agricultural and food policy of towns (renewal and/or urban reassessment, integration of agricultural and natural areas)
  • Reorganization of local authorities
  • Regional marketing and development of an area’s resources

Assignments achieved

  • Agricultural diagnosis for a Territorial Cohesion Plan and recommendations to write down in a guidance document defining urbanization rules at the inter-municipal level
  • Build the food policy towards the agricultural areas of a town (place and role of agriculture over the area, local production, food logistics, protection of catchment areas…)
  • Achievement over an area of an Agricultural Strategic Project and Rural Development: diagnosis, issues, strategy, operational plan
  • Development of the real estate strategy for a community of communes
  • Development of the tourism strategy of a region
  • Building a territorial project together with a structure mutualising the skills of several towns thus identifying new skills and financial impacts
  • Assessment before mutualising means for regional engineering
  • Development strategy for eco-activities for a French department

Tools and methods

  • Diagnostic of resources and area’s potential (economy, real estate)
  • Discussions with local actors
  • Workshops on economic forecasting over an area
  • Facilitation technique for groups of agents (according to their location or by subject):  Metaplan®
  • Experiences feedback
  • SWOT analysis
  • GIS cartography (Mapinfo, Qgis)
  • Several multidisciplinary partnerships with landscape architects, town planners, ecology experts, engineers…



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