Bertrand OUDIN

Bertrand  OUDIN


Position: Directeur général - Stratégie, filières et industrie

Qualification: Ingénieur agro-alimentaire ENSCBP

After following a mainly technical training (technical school and food process engineering course), I started out in the institutional catering then the retail sector as a manager. This rich and intense experience has given me some skills closely linked to administration, management and economy on a broader sense.

I joined BLEZAT consulting team in 2000. I have taken the operations management since 2006.

Good all-around, naturally curious, I like to tackle my work with as much pragmatism as possible and open-mindedness. This enables me to intervene on the range of activities BLEZAT consulting offers, calling upon methodologies accrued for over ten years and innovations developed internally.

I have a passion for economy and I involve myself a lot on missions linked to strategy, audit and project feasibility. I developed an acute expertise in the logic of agricultural fields and food-processing industry more particularly meat-based products even if I go on learning everyday. That’s what is so delightful about this job!