The company

Accueil_EntrepriseThe consulting firm –launched in 1974 by Pierre BLEZAT- has played a part in more than 900 studies and advisory services for companies and institutions in France and abroad.

A collaborative teamwork

Blezat consulting gathers a collaborative teamwork of agricultural and food process engineers, graduates of business schools and the Institute of Political Science, trained to project management and customer relations.

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Tailor-made support

Our aim is to bring you a tailored advice and personalized methodology based on 3 principles:


  • Creative and rigorous contribution to the contractor / public authority,
  • Argued advice and strong conviction, to guarantee optimal and constructive communication with people in charge of the assignment,
  • Targeted advice based on a multicriteria approach relying on a team with varied skills and backgrounds.


  • We implement participative management where we associate the contractor / public authority and partners following appropriate methods (working group, leadership, appropriation),
  • Relationships with our customers are based on mutual trust, openness of our approach and means involved,
  • We support our customers as regards assistance assignments for project owner: reflection, coordination, running.

Being operational

  • Our aim is to bring to the contractor / public authority operational decision support. We take into account what lies around the project (means available, political will…),
  • The action plan is part and parcel of every assignment. We list every recommendation to implement,
  • We also support our customers regarding operational implementation of recommendations.


We collaborate with long-term partners to fully adapt to the requirements of each assignment.

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Sustainable Development Charter

BLEZAT consulting voluntarily promotes Sustainable Development. A charter has been drawn up by employees and the management team. This charter is meant to be pragmatic and adaptive. Our aim is to implement sustainable development in every assignment on a day-to-day basis.